Facility Audits

Stafford Sports provides our clients with an evaluation and assessment of a venue’s overall business operations with a focus on improving revenue streams. We present our clients with a comprehensive written report that offers recommendations and implementation strategies. Stafford’s principals personally conduct an on-site facility review, evaluate event operating procedures and undertake detailed staff interviews.


Phase 1 – Facility and Staffing Evaluation

Stafford conducts a comprehensive review of facility operations and event policies and procedures and conducts detailed staff interviews to identify operational challenges and opportunities for improvement. Stafford addresses the following areas of a venue’s operation:
• Facility Operations
• Game Day and Event Operations
• Organizational Structure, Staffing Levels and Payroll Expenses
• Financial Oversight, Forecasting Systems and Budget Preparation
• Event Activity and Attendance
• Booking Process and Results
• Event and Facility Marketing Strategies
• Ancillary Revenue Streams
• Third-party revenue agreements

Phase 2 – Benchmarking with Comparable Facilities

Stafford provides available information from similar venues that includes benchmarking of management and operations best practices such as:
• Day of event costs
• Event-related Staffing Levels
• Full-time Staffing Levels
• Event Activity and Attendance
• Per Capita Spending
• Sources of Ancillary Revenue Streams
• Similarities and Differences in Purchasing Practices
• Maintenance Programs
• Long-term Capital Improvements

Phase 3 – Recommendations and Implementation Strategies

Stafford provides recommendations regarding measures that address economies of scale and overall efficiencies for:
• Facility Operations and Maintenance Procedures
• Costs Regarding Event-related Staffing
• Full-time Staffing Levels
• Modifications and Enhancements to Standard Operating Procedures
• Systems for Financial Oversight, Forecasting and Budget Preparation
• Third-party Contract Administration
• Opportunities to Sustain Positive Variances or Minimize Negative Variances

Phase 4 – Revenue Growth Opportunities

Stafford provides strategies for revenue growth including:
• Ticket Sales Operations
• Concessions and Catering
• Premium Seating Maximization
• Merchandising and Retail Operations
• Parking Operations
• Marketing and Promotions Development
• Public Relations and Communications Enhancements

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