Owner’s Representative

Stafford Sports has served as Owner’s Representative on a number of major facility projects. We offer the experience and expertise to provide service and support on multiple levels.

As Owner’s Representative, Stafford Sports provides:

Strategic Level

We act as confidential counsel to ownership and its representatives based on our experience in sports and entertainment facility financing, development and operations. We work closely with your legal counsel to develop all business related agreements. We protect ownership’s interests and provide guidance regarding the risk/reward potential of any transaction.


Financial Level

We work with the chief financial officer, financial advisers and financing agencies in the capital markets and assist in structuring the transaction(s) required to fund the project. We develop the operating proforma and identify the nuances of facility funding such as contractually obligated income and other facility-related sources. We interact and negotiate with interested potential funding sources in the investor/lender/vendor markets and reflect their requirements back to you.

Development Level

We work with you to assemble the development and design teams and provide guidance through the necessary procedures, budgets, elements and schedules that dictate the development process. We utilize Stafford’s proprietary process that clearly and logically identifies the necessary steps needed to work through all business-related issues We use our direct experience in opening facilities and our industry contacts to procure and competitively price all FF&E purchases.

Operating Level

We provide the day-to-day interaction necessary to keep the many disparate aspects of the development process moving forward toward project finality. We develop staffing plans, operating plans and booking strategies that are necessary to achieve operating efficiencies and maximize sources of revenue. . We use our industry presence, our long-term relationships and our credibility with major sports franchises and league offices to secure appropriate anchor tenants and other viable users.

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