Facility Planning and Design

Stafford Sports offers Strategic Planning Services for projects under development.

Working with ownership and the management team, Stafford Sports uses our experience in developing other state-of-the-art venues to create a series of near-term and long-term goals for the project.

Stafford Sports principals work with your project manager to build a highly competent team necessary to move the project forward. We will review current plans to understand the project’s potential, with a particular emphasis on identifying new sources of revenue. We help the client team focus on a wide range of strategic issues and assist in determining the most effective and efficient course of action.



Development of Project Budget
We analyze hard and soft costs, by category, to determine a working project budget.

Financing Structure 
Based on all available information, Stafford creates a business/financing structure that works for ownership, tenants and the capital markets.

Development of Operating Budget
Stafford provides ownership with the most efficient operating budget possible while meeting industry operating standards and the goals of the project.

Food and Beverage Operations: In-House vs. Third-Party
Stafford compares internal rates of return (IRR) of in-house vs. contracted concessions to determine the most suitable approach to food and beverage operations, taking into consideration up-front rights fees, build-out costs and minimum operating guarantees.

Marketing and Pricing of Premium Seating
We focus on industry benchmarks, as well as local market results, to devise a plan to maximize financial returns for ownership, and if necessary, enhance the marketability of the project to the capital markets.

Naming Rights/Advertising/Sponsorship Programs
Stafford reviews and analyzes how long-term deals fit into the financing structure and facility operating plan. We work with your management team to determine number and types of advertising and sponsorship categories based on the marketplace and the financing requirements of the project.

Service Levels and Customer Amenities
We prepare assumptions regarding levels of service ((i.e., number of concourses, elevators, private entrances) and customer amenities (VIP lounge, in-seat food and beverage service, etc.). We assist ownership and the design team with the impact of services and amenities upon facility design and operating budgets.

Return on Investment
We protect the interests of ownership by working closely with management and the design team to ensure that the project achieves its financial and business goals.

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