About Stafford Sports


One of the nation's leading sports advisory firms, Stafford Sports provides strategic planning and sports consulting services to the public sector, professional sports franchises and universities. Stafford provides a menu of services that includes strategic planning as well as negotiation of development agreements, facility operations agreements and tenant leases. We ensure a project's long-term viability by providing comprehensive operations consulting for facility design and construction.




Industry Presence


Since its founding in 1994, Stafford Sports has achieved success with public and private entities, both large and small, by constantly providing a level of flexibility and personal attention that gets results. 


The following is a representative list of private sector, public sector and university clients that have retained Stafford Sports for specific assignments:


Private Clients

Public Clients

University Clients








Client Services


Stafford Sports provides a wide range of services to its clients:


Business Plans


     Stafford Sports provides clients with a comprehensive Business Plan that serves as the primary planning and resource document for the initial stage of the long-term facility development process. Ownership can then present this detailed document to Lenders, Government Officials and other constituencies whose approval is necessary to move facility development to the next important phase.


Negotiation Services


     Stafford Sports provides both public and private owners of arenas, stadiums and convention centers with comprehensive Negotiation Services in order to secure long term operating and tenancy agreements.  Stafford’s principals have negotiated a variety of agreements with facility operators and sports franchises as well as all material agreements that are required for the long-term operation of the facilty and the franchise. 


Financing Advisory Services


     Stafford Sports will serve as the Owner/Developer’s Advisor for all permanent financing and construction activities related to the project. 


Strategic Planning Services


     Stafford Sports will work with the designated project manager, or assist in securing an appropriate one, to build a highly competent team necessary to move the project forward.  We will review current results to understand potential and help our client’s management team focus on a wide range of strategic issues and assist you in determining the most effective and efficient course of action.


Facility Planning and Design Services


     Stafford’s team has years of experience in all aspects of facility construction and operations including Hiring of Design and Construction Professionals, Program Design, Space Planning, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Purchasing and Budget Preparation.  Stafford Sports serves as an Advisor to the owner on each of these areas as part of the overall development of a facility.


Strategic Marketing and Sales Planning


     Stafford can help increase revenues from sponsorship and ticket sales income through our direct, hands-on approach to the business of consumer and corporate marketing.


Operational Advisory Services


     Stafford will consult with the finance and feasibility consultants and provide input on development budgets, cash flow forecasts and operating budgets based on our extensive, hands-on experience in the development and operation of state-of-the-art facilities and professional sports franchises.


Event Marketing Advisory Services


     The team of professionals at Stafford Sports provides Marketing Advisory Services, which uses our unmatched, hands-on experience in driving attendance and public awareness for sports and entertainment properties.


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